Advancing restaurant leaders with innovative technologies & solutions.

An executive-level experience bringing the sharpest innovators to the stage and the slickest technologies to the table, supercharging the connections between operations, technology, marketing, and customer experience. 


Gain valuable insights into how cutting-edge technology can enhance every transaction and interaction within the restaurant industry.


Tech | Finance | Marketing | Operations    

 C-Suite | VPs | Director-Level

Multi-Unit | Brands | Franchisees

Restaurant executives and technology leaders are riding a wave of opportunities - for speed and accuracy of service, automating routine tasks, and providing unforgettable customer experiences. They also face currents of adversity - rising costs of labor and inventory, a highly competitive landscape, and persistent cybersecurity threats.

MURTEC Executive Summit 2024 dives headfirst into Tech Tides, bringing together restaurant C-suite, technology, marketing, and finance leaders to explore the innovative solutions they need to maximize operations, engage customers at every touchpoint, and pursue profitable growth.