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Hot Now! Krispy Kreme’s Sweet Success


Another Broken Egg Hatches Tech Initiatives to Fuel Brand

With 1,400 shops in 33 countries, 84-year-old iconic brand Krispy Kreme experienced record-setting sales during the pandemic, and took a successful second stand on Wall Street, going public in July. Times Square glows even brighter since Krispy Kreme turned on the world’s largest Hot Light sign, signaling the opening of its shiny, new 4,500-square-foot flagship store, complete with a glaze waterfall and 24-hour pickup window. CIO Ben Hall joins Angela Diffly, co-founder of the Restaurant Technology Network, to share how technology is fueling the company’s sweet success.

Ben Hall

For twenty-five years and counting, Another Broken Egg has been serving up cravable, Insta-worthy dishes for breakfast, brunch, and lunch. Industry vet, President & CEO Paul Macaluso has his sights set on operational excellence to fuel revenue and growth. To get there, Paul and his teams are tapping solutions mapped to labor efficiency, point-of-service, catering and waitlist. We sit down with Paul to better understand these initiatives and how he predicts the technology investments will pay off for this quickly-growing brand.

Paul Macaluso
President and CEO

Exclusive Insights from HT's Latest Research: The New Rules of Customer Engagement.

In this latest release of exclusive industry research, hotel and restaurant consumers will rank the technology-powered experiences that encourage them select one brand over another — from discovery through booking and payments. Learn about the key technologies that will attract guests and drive revenue in 2021 and beyond!  Then, with a short list of desirable solutions in-hand, spend time exploring these technologies in the MURTEC Executive Summit Innovation Zone.

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After 18+ months of take-out/to-go, consumers are coming back with a hankering for meaningful on-premises dining experiences. We'll learn how restaurants are creating memorable experiences using tech -- and even road-testing IT at flagship locations -- to make powerful use of their four walls.

It's All About Labor. Learn how to Supercharge Your Workforce.

Restaurants need good talent, and technology can help. New solutions are streamlining hiring, training, development, daily operations, and communications across organizations — your brand is only as good as the people who make it tick.


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