Full Name
Danielle Kimble
Menches Bros. Restaurant
Job Title
Chief Marketing Officer
Speaker Bio
Dani Kimble is the great-great-grandaughter and niece of the inventors of the hamburger, Charles and Frank Menches. In the early 90s, her family discovered the original burger recipe first served in 1885 - and decided to open a restaurant in honor of their ancestors’ legacy. Nearly 30 years later, Menches Bros. Restaurants remain family-owned and operated, with 3 locations in Northeast Ohio.

Growing up in the restaurant industry, Dani found herself gravitating toward the marketing side of the business. From making PowerPoint restaurant flyers at age 11 to building a professional marketing career, Dani has found her passion in digital marketing and strategy. Former Chief Marketing Officer for an insurance firm, she recently launched a marketing consulting firm. Today, she helps small businesses like Menches Bros. prepare for the future of the digital world, building profitable brand and marketing strategies designed to drive innovation and growth across all sectors of their business.

In partnership with Metaversal, Dani and her family are building one of the world's first restaurant NFT / web3 programs - with the goal to expand the Menches Bros. story and brand from a local hero to a global one and give the world a taste of history!
Danielle Kimble