Full Name
Kevin Bentley
Job Title
VP of Tech & Automation
Company Name
Papa Ginos - D-Angelos
Speaker Bio
Kevin brings over 20 years of leadership experience, building teams and directing projects. He is a highly strategic individual who has a knack for seeing the big picture, and his highly diverse background, along with his creative and collaborative approach to business and relationships, fits well in just about any culture.

Kevin brings a unique perspective to his technology leadership role due to his background in Brand Mar-Tech, where he worked for Johnson & Johnson, as well as his experience as a Collegiate Athlete and an NFL professional athlete, where he served as a Multi-year Team Captain.

Prior to joining NEAE, Kevin’s most recent position was at Inspire Brands as Director of Automation and Innovation, where he oversaw technology for over 32,000+ restaurants and created the first corporate owned 5 brand ghost kitchen.

Other experience includes Tropical Smoothie as a restaurant tech consultant, Infosys as an IT consultant, Owens Corning, where he rolled out CRM globally, and Arby’s, where he rolled out PAR-POS to over 1100 corporate restaurants and oversaw the franchise business for two years.

Kevin is a devoted husband to his wife, Christina, and (proud father of four daughters (Kennedy, Kayden, Kendal, and Kaylani) and a son (Kevin Jr). He attained his MSIS from Northwestern, MBA from Rice University, and undergrad degree in Communications and Business Institutions, with a focus on Organizational Leadership from Northwestern University.

Kevin’s distinctive life and career experiences have helped him become a skilled problem solver, fostering productivity, positivity, creativity, and efficiency among his direct reports, cross functional teams, vendor partners, and peers.
Kevin Bentley