Full Name
Don Osborne
Job Title
Think Then Lead
Speaker Bio
As a young man, Dr. Don Osborne developed a passionate interest in helping others change and realize their potential. He earned an MA in Counseling and during the next
several years saw over 1,000 individuals and families as clients. Don founded a private addictions treatment hospital, serving as its
CEO as well as its program designer, and later started an outpatient counseling and consulting agency. As consultant to a sheriff’s department, he attended FBI training to become a Crisis Negotiator. Don provided group therapy to incarcerated felons for nine years, decreasing their recidivism rate by 20%.
In a parallel career in higher education, Don served as an Assistant Professor, Department Head, Area Chair, Associate Dean, and Chief Academic Officer for four different colleges and universities. One of his university students was a manager in Dale Carnegie and Associates, the international corporate training company, who recruited Don to be a trainer and corporate consultant. He went back to school and earned another MA in Advanced Leadership Studies and a Doctor of Education degree (EdD) in Organizational Leadership. His doctoral dissertation was on research he performed on Transformational Leadership training and development. Starting his own consulting practice, his clients have included private and public corporations and not-for-profit organizations. He helped one corporate client identify $11 million in savings without laying off any employees.
Dr. Don Osborne’s life work has been focused on helping others identify their greatest challenges and develop strategies to overcome them. People and organizations usually discover their own potential in the process. Don then guides and supports them to fulfill that potential. This mission is one that developed over 40 years as a counselor, educator, business owner, manager, CEO, researcher, trainer, and consultant. He says, “During my years as a psychotherapist, I found common thinking and behavior patterns among blue-collar folks, executives, and everyone in-between. As I was invited to work with corporate decision-makers, I found that companies can be excellent in their areas of expertise and fail to reach their potential because of the internal people problems that result in disengagement, low performance, low sales, a loss of customers and high turnover. In our company, Think Then Lead, we help decision-makers identify patterns that create problems and then we provide solutions to resolve them. We use practical psychology to create behavioral change in developing leaders.”
His research has included rapid growth organizations and the effects of Transformational Leadership training and sales training. His current professional focus is on providing leadership development and coaching, consulting, speaking, and writing. His new book, The Dynamics of Life and Leadership, will be available in the beginning of 2019.
Don Osborne