MURTEC Executive Summit: The Intersection of Business & Technology

The restaurant industry has reached an irreversible inflection point: technology now drives all things forward. From the first pang of hunger to the last satiated bite, the road to feeding consumers is paved with smart innovation.

MURTEC Executive Summit & Showcase is taking place live at the Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, Florida! Register to join us today!

MURTEC Executive Summit is where restaurant leaders from across the organization -- in both technical and non-technical roles -- unite to see their future through the lens of strategic technology. 

Never before has reunion been more important, or more powerful. Now is the time to reimagine restaurants, together. Your MURTEC Executive Summit experience awaits.

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Technology Now Fuels Every Transaction.
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See technology first-hand through the lens of the business leader.

Partner with IT leadership to explore specific solutions.

Explore revenue streams that never existed before.

Plan budgets & resources to support new initiatives.